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Master Chef

Takeshi Koitani

Takeshi Koitani a.k.a Jiraigen BOSS

Chef Takeshi Koitani has been in the ramen business for about more than 22 years and knows everything from traditional ramen to the latest trends. His own style ramen shop, which opened about 20 years ago, was a famous ramen shop where people line up every day.
He is the first person who started a business style called double cropping, which was rare at the time, and created a number of ramen brands then He became a pioneer in the ramen industry. He has started a ramen school since 2018 to spread and correct Japanese food culture, especially ramen to teach it to many people. The ramen shop he produced has become world-famous, and RAJUKU graduates are working successfully all over the world.

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What's your RAMEN DREAM?

During the Meiji period, ramen came over to Japan as one among many Chinese dishes riding a wave of Cultural enlightenment.  A specialty shop first opened in Asakusa district of Tokyo around 100 years ago, changing the name with the times, and finally to Ramen and it has become a kind of Japanese soul food. Here we are, RAJUKU provides Ramen skills, recipes and know-how.You can learn all about authentic Ramen, Tsukemen, Mazesoba etc... from scratch!

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Takeshi Koitani
a.k.a Jiraigen BOSS
Master chef

  • Chihiro a.k.a Chee
    Interpreter, Izakaya chef
  • 徐径 a.k.a Jo
    Chinese interpreter


3-9-13, Ogawahigashi, Akiruno Shi, Tokyo, 197-0822, Japan